The headline sounds like something out of 'To Catch A Predator'.

If you're familiar with the NBC Dateline show starring Chris Hansen, then you'll totally understand why the arrest of this 22-year-old Youngstown student would fit right into a script for the popular television series.

According to WKBN, Albert Maruna IV was arrested by police earlier this week when he showed up at an arranged meeting place and realized he was busted by a sting operation.

Maruna thought he was meeting a 15-year-old boy for sex, but realized that "boy" he had been exchanging explicit conversations with on a dating app was actually an undercover police officer.

Maruna was very aware that he was breaking the law and at one point during his exchange with the officer aknowledged the age of the boy he thought he was communicating with.

Age is a number I believe...I don't believe in age...I'm OK if you (sic) OK with me

What's even more shocking than Manura's alleged attempt to have sex with an underaged boy is the fact that it was going to be in exchange for Sprite and chicken Alfredo.

When police arrested Maruna his possesions included an iPhone, a Macbook, three zip drives, a bottle of lubrication, Vaseline lotion, two bottles of Sprite and chicken Alfredo in a Tupperware dish.

Maruna is accused of sending explicit messages and several nude photos of himself and police found even more graphic coversations and nude pictures on his iPhone from others and are currently looking into their age, this according to reports.

Manura told investigators that he does not believe having sex with a 15-year-old is wrong.


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