The debate is on, and we just had to know.

Everyone is talking about the new war of chicken sandwiches. The classic, OG Chick-fil-A chicken sandwich is a go-to for many folks. Add in the service, and the Lord's waffle fries, and you've got yourself a meal made in heaven.

But then Louisiana's own Popeyes decided to drop a nuke on the game with their own chicken sandwich! And that's now been a hot debate on the internet, and the streets.

That being said, we just had to find out, which was better. And here's the thing. We're going purely for taste here. Take the Good Lord's fries and service out of it. Honestly, we didn't even look at the price difference (if any) between the two sammies.

JoBo from Hot 107.9, Jaycee from 99.9 KTDY, and Serious Rob Kirkpatrick from KPEL 96.5 all sat down to taste test these chickie sams.

Here are their takeaways.

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