Today in Tha Wire it's a go! HotNewHipHop reports Chris Brown and Young Money's Queen Barb, Nicki Minaj will team-up to co-headline a huge tour this Summer! It's still early so we don't have a name or any dates for the tour just yet. While that's all being finalized fans are in a frenzy of their new joint collab.  The exciting news comes with the release of Breezy's new single, "Wobble Up" featuring Minaj and G-Eazy.

Nicki Minaj
Stuart C. Wilson, Getty Images

The Source reports there was a little confusion about when word of the two taking a road trip first got out. For some reason it was being announced Chris and Nicki would hit the road in the Fall, but that was obviously incorrect. Breezy was happy to clear that up for everybody and set the record straight on his IG page .

By the way, he also had some fun with the idea that he and Nick would have some type of dance-off. Though it came with some shade, Wendy Williams, actually presented the idea during a recent taping of her show. The talk show diva talked about the upcoming tour and suggested they open the tour together with Breezy's new track. Then proceeded to say whoever arrived first could start it off because Chris and Nicki were "always late for their performances." WTH!?

Chris was a good sport about it. First he gave Williams a light check 1-2, and then presented fans with an adorable glimpse of what a Nicki/Breezy dance-off would look like. Peep the cute video below!

Isn't that cute! The Source also revealed both artists will be releasing new albums ahead of the tour! Nick is putting the final touches on her “fifth thing thing,” while Chris told his fans to keep watch for new LP posting the following:

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