Despite rampant, longstanding rumors that Jay-Z has a beef with Chris Brown following Breezy's 2009 assault on Rihanna, the 'Don't Wake Me Up' singer adamantly denies it. In fact, he said his run-in with Jigga at the Barclays Center with RiRi was actually pretty pleasant.

Hova was said to have threatened to end Brown's career if his laid a hand on Rihanna again, but Brown scoffed at the rumors. He laughed off talk that Jay pulled him aside in a hallway, saying, "We were in a green room with a bunch of people ... It was cordial. It was real respectful," he added. "It was nothing like that. I went to the Center to see the show. People like to take it and run with it, because they have nothing else."

As for his beef with Drake, Breezy was a bit cagier. "Only reason I can't talk about that is because we're dealing with some legal stuff," he said with a tight-lipped grin, "and I'm trying to get paid. We don't talk about other guys. I focus on the music," he added. When specifically asked about the bottle-throwing incident, he said, "I'm a chill guy. And I box. So it wouldn't have been anything like that." There's clearly not any love lost between these two.

Breezy also revealed some pretty amusing anecdotes about his beloved Team Breezy and one particular creeper who showed up in his garage ... without pants. As for questions about Karrueche Tran and Rihanna, he's just as stumped as the rest of us on those!