Chris Brown‘s brand new song ‘Sweet Love’ has landed online, after the singer tweeted that it would be one of two new singles from ‘Fortune,’ which drops May 8. While a machine-like beat rolls through the length of the song, Breezy keeps the sexy meter cranked and his performance on this song could easily woo Rihanna back. It’s that sexy of an R&B jam.

We know, we are stoking the fires of both their former and supposed secret relationship with that comment, but this song is precisely why Rihanna wanted Brown to appear on ‘Birthday Cake’ with her — because he’s the hottest thing in R&B right now.

Breezy sings about grinding and suggests “Let’s get naked / Cause you know I love to turn you on.” It’ll have you wiping sweat off your brow and loosening you shirt.

Overall, ‘Sweet Love’ simmers and it’s very Michael Jackson and neo-Bieber, with falsetto R&B flair.

Brown’s tweet about the song is below.

With two new singles — one R&B and one more hip-hop (‘Till I Die’ featuring Wiz Khalifa and Big Sean) – Breezy is showing off his multiple musical personalities and his creative flexibility with ‘Fortune.’

Listen to Chris Brown ‘Sweet Love’