Reports of Chris Brown and Usher fighting at a birthday party may have been exaggerated as both singers performed at the Lovers & Friends Festival in Las Vegas last night.

On Saturday (May 6), The Shade Room posted a video of Chris Brown performing at the 2023 Lovers & Friends Festival in Las Vegas and according to concertgoers, there were no visible signs of injury on the singer. Meanwhile, Usher jumped on his Instagram Story and posted several videos of himself backstage at the event smiling and having fun without a single mark on his face.

The videos are a stark contrast to what the gossip blogs, like Hollywood Unlocked, were reporting hours prior to the festival. According to previous reports, Chris Brown and his crew allegedly jumped Usher outside of Skate Rock City on Friday night (May 5). Brown was at the venue for his surprise 34th birthday party, which was put on and hosted by Usher, himself.

Initially, it was reported that Brown was intoxicated at the event and was yelling at guest Teyana Taylor who he didn't want at his party. Apparently, according to the reports, Brown blamed his canceled performance at the 2022 American Music Awards on Taylor who was supposed to join him for his tribute to Michael Jackson. But at the last minute, she backed out due to other obligations, which infuriated Brown. Ultimately, when Brown saw Taylor at the party, he reportedly went off on her.

Usher reportedly stepped in, which led to an argument between the two singers. Their disagreement escalated outside of the venue where Usher was allegedly jumped by Brown and his crew. Usher reportedly suffered a "bloodied nose" in the alleged fight.

However, it looks like both Chris Brown and Usher didn't have a skirmish, but they also haven't addressed the reports of them fighting at the birthday party as of yet.

Watch Chris Brown Performing at the Lovers & Friends Festival Below

Watch Usher Backstage at the Lovers & Friends Festival Below

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