Billboard named Chris Brown's 'Wall to Wall' one of the scariest videos of all time. This was a bit suprising to me because 'Wall to Wall' wasn't that big of a 'hit' for Mr. Breezy back in 2007. As I refreshed myself with the video, I really do have to give it up to Chris Brown, it was really put together well. For me, Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' is still the #1 scariest video which was made back in 1983. 'Thriller' did make the Billboard's list too, you can check out the entire list.

"We expect scary videos from Ozzy, Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie, but the dark side isn't just relegated to those with a spooky musical flair. Pop stars like Michael Jackson and Chris Brown have gotten in on the haunted fun, turning in clips that range from the cheesy-eerie to the downright terrifying. Even a rock band, Soundgarden, stepped up with one of the downright creepiest videos ever. In honor of Halloween, we've compiled 15 of the scariest music videos ever created. We'd like to consider them a suitable replacement for Halloween music, since you can only hear "Monster Mash" so many times before it makes you want to rip your costume off and call it a night."

via [Billboard]