Recently, someone asked me, with all the music I have what do I listen to? And while that is a GREAT question, a "light bulb" went off in my head as he asked me that. I have tons of CDs stashed away that I really don't listen to anymore. I probably have seven cases as seen in the profile pic of the blog that I once used while I would DJ dances, weddings, and gigs in the clubs.However, as everything has gone digital now, we DJs rarely resort to our collection. Most of what we have on CD or Vinyl has been "ripped" onto hardrives for DJ purposes. And yes, it is much easier now to DJ than it ever has been. No longer do we have to use the dolly just to carry our music into a venue, and it has become much more efficient to search our collection or library while at a gig. With that said I have never, and probably never will, get rid of my collection of CDs. As a matter of fact, I still do occasionally add to the existing collection I have.

But back to the initial question, what do I really listen to while in the car, in the gym, or while around the house? Well, it should go without saying that my radio is 99% of the time locked onto "Hot," but occassionally I will throw in a CD into the outdated CD player of my SUV. I say outdated because most new cars have the USB plug on the radio so that you can retrieve your personal collection from a flash drive rather than from a "burnt CD." However, since the day I was asked what I listen to, I have pulled my entire collection from the closet, and each week I will highlight the one CD I pull for the week.

This week I have pulled The Greatest Hits CD of RUN-DMC!!! The CD has most of their hits from the mid-to-late 80s, and even dips  into their hits from the early 90s. One of the first tracks I was ever introduced to from RUN-DMC was You Be Illin'. I actually recall hearing that track for the first time while at a skating rink. That track is cut 8 on the CD, but still one of my favorites is It's Tricky. There is just something about that song while I drive into work or to the club that gets me going. Also featured on this Greatest Hits CD is Run's House, Jam-Master J, Walk This Way, Sucker M.C.'S, Peter Piper, It's Like That, and Christmas In Hollis. And if you're wondering, yes it is perfectly fine to jam Christmas In Hollis if we are out of the holiday season. So there it is, the CD I am jamming this week is the Together Forever Greatest Hits CD from RUN-DMC!!! What shall be my pick next week, find out here!!! I highly doubt that you will be disappointed. Well of course, that only stands if I'm not in some crazy mood early next week.