Chris Reed's son found a pretty innovative way to hatch eggs while playing PokemonGo. This past weekend when I walked into Mason's room, a cell phone was attached to the ceiling fan---while the fan was ON!!

If you know anything about PokemonGo you know that you have to hatch eggs while playing the game. And the only way to hatch the eggs is to be moving.

Well, apparently Mason decided to cheat the game and have his mother attach her phone to the fan, thus creating a constant motion to hatch the eggs.

Like many of you who have kids or have watched kids, I thought I saw it all until THIS!! A cell phone attached to a ceiling fan to cheat a game.

At least Mason took the precautionary measures and put on some protective gear during this "experiment." He said that he had this costume on to protect himself in the event of the the phone detaching from the fan!!


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