This morning I played my Top-5 Songs Of The Year, not that my list really means anything, and my top song of the year came from an artist we knew nothing about a year ago. Here are the Top-5 songs I personally think had the biggest impact on the music industry in 2012.

While I find all of these songs to be pretty good, I don't personally love all of them. I came up with the list by basing my decisions on radio air-play and an informal observations. These songs seemed to have the biggest impact on people whether they were singing along to it in their car or dacning along to it in their favorite nightclub.

At number five, I think Fun's "We are Young" may have been one of the biggest sing along records of the year. Anytime this song played on the radio or in the club, it was hard not to sing along to it.

At number four, Rihanna's "We Found Love" was HUGE!! Ladies loved it and in my opinion this started all of the success for RiRi in 2012.

Coming in at number three on my list is Ellie Golding's "Lights." This put dance music back on the radio, and may have been the pioneer for EDM music in 2012.

At number two on my list is Florida's "Wild One's." Florida had a HUGE year on the charts and his hit song "Wild Ones" was a smash!! If ever we thought Florida would be a one-hit-wonder, he squashed that idea in 2012.

Now, the number one song in the 2012, at least in my opinion, came from a new artist named Carly Rae Jepsen. I was in Dallas the first time I heard this song and from that day on I knew that "Call Me Maybe" would be a hit. You sang along to it and you danced to this hit song all year long. On a side note, when Justin Bieber heard this song for the first time he called a radio station to ask who this artist was and he later signed her to his label.


After looking back on the music scene of 2012, I think its only fair that I offer an Honorable Mention here. I will give props to the artist PSY for his hit song "Gangnam Style." Not only was it huge in clubs and on the radio towards the end of the year, but it has also garnished over 35-Million views on YouTube. So yes, "Gangnam Style" makes the list.





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