Ask any disk jockey the most common question asked at any live event and it will probably be "What y'all got for free?".

I can't blame anyone for trying to get something for free as I, too, am a cheapskate.

That's why when I saw this post from the City of Broussard I thought to myself "Self, you need to tell people about this. It's free!".

Not only is it free, it's a beautiful setting.

The Valsin Broussard House, at 408 W Main in Broussard, is beautifully decorated for the holidays and makes for the perfect backdrop for Christmas photos.

via Google Maps
via Google Maps

The "Santa's" sleigh and oversized presents in the front yard are the perfect prop for a family Christmas Card photo.

Just head out there with your family, arrange them on the sleigh, and have someone take your picture and BOOM! Instant digital Christmas Card. Or take the digital file to your favorite print shop and have them print it on a card for you to snail-mail to friends and family.

Kudos to the owners of the home for allowing residents to utilize their beautiful setting for their Christmas 2021 keepsake!


If you are going to be taking your 4-legged friends to get holiday photos of them, please respect Broussard's leash laws and remember to clean up after your pets.

Bring your kids, your grandkids, your mom & 'em them, your neighbors, your neighbor's mom & 'em - errrybody can take pics for Christmas!

Remember: it's free, but you have to take your own pictures and provide your own subjects - unless you just want to get a great shot of a sleigh in front of a beautifully-decorated home.

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