Who's getting some?

A listener submitted this photo of the Christmas Tree Cakes Ice Cream flavor and she tells me that she found it at a south Louisiana Walmart store.

The Christmas Tree Cake treat has quickly become a favorite during the holiday season, and now we can add its flavor to ice cream.

These pints of ice cream were purchased at the Walmart store in Abbeville. So, if you're a fan of Christmas Tree cakes, you may want to keep an eye out the next time you're in the grocery store.

I can report to you that the listener who submitted this photo says that the ice cream flavor does taste just like the cakes you love for the holiday season.

If you happen to try it soon or have tried this flavor, let us what you thought of it.

Let me add that this ice cream flavor was out last season, but seems to be out a bit earlier this year. Enjoy.


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