Uncle Clay is at it again.

In a video posted to his official Captain Clay Higgins page, the Louisiana Congressman delivered a passionate speech to his followers from LAD Services in Morgan City. As he walked by each of the bays where barges were being built, Higgins said it was a reminder of what "hard work" looked like and encouraged viewers to "stand up" for what they believe in.

Many Americans are ready to get back to work after the COVID-19 pandemic halted operations for many industries, but many are also hesitant to jump the gun out of fear that we see a spike that could bring us back to square one. Leaders in different communities have been formulating guidelines in phases that they believe will allow Americans to safely return to their jobs sooner than later.

Is your industry going back to work yet? Sound off in the comments and tell us about your situation and how you feel about the economy opening back up.

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