The crew at Twin's Burgers got a pleasant surprise when a well known visitor walked through their doors to have lunch.

Owners Billy and Denny Guilbeaux were talking to a few of their old teachers from Carencro High when a familiar face showed up in their restaurant. Billy looked over at his twin brother Denny and said "is that Les Miles."

It was indeed the winningest head coach in LSU football history.

The brothers went over and greeted the coach who said he was in the area and decided to stop in for lunch after seeing their place in the South College Shopping Center off Johnston street.

After asking a few questions, Miles placed his order—a Twins burger with no top bun and a side of chili—and sat down to read the paper while he ate. Guilbeaux said Coach Miles sat at a table next to a group of campus ministry students, eventually striking up a conversation.

After the students finished eating and got up he engaged in conversation and asked them to sit. It looked like he asked them about what they do and seemed interested. They talked for about 20-30 minutes. I believe they invited him to the campus ministry building and he was going to be headed there.

The Twins crew couldn't let the legendary LSU coach slip away without a photo before he took off. (pics or it didn't happen, right?)

Twins Burgers & Sweets
Twins Burgers & Sweets

We asked to take a picture and he said "Quickly". He's a nice man.

Miles definitely made his way down to Cafe Chi Alpha, to the surprise of many.

Some people suggested that he may be in town looking for work with the Ragin' Cajuns, while others joked he was just here to get boudin. The former Tigers head coach has done some work with ESPN since being fired from LSU, but no decisions have been made on his next move event though he has voiced the desire to coach again.

Did you see Les Miles around town yesterday? If so, let us know where!

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