This was so good.

LSU Coach Ed Orgeron was a feature on ESPN's "Eli's Places" and the two reenacted a recruiting visit and it all ended with Eli and Coach O ripping off their shirts.

With Tiger Stadium in the background, these two Louisiana boys pretended to be on a recruiting visit and when it came time to really impress each other, both shirts were ripped off.

Closing a recruitment visit is always the goal of any coach and when Coach O closes this visit, he isn't afraid to show off the body you've seen him working on while on vacation in Destin.

Twitter via Eli Manning
Twitter via Eli Manning

This hilarious video shows the true personality of both here, and would we agree that the Mannings may be the best thing on sports television these days?

Watching Eli and Payton play, you'd never know that they are entertaining, but they are.

One more thing, does Coach O rip his shirt off like this if LSU defeats Alabama later in the season? I guess we'll have to wait and see.

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