I don't care if its Popeye's chicken or them wearing the same underwear without washing it. As long as the New Orleans Saints beat the Seahawks, I hope they go with it. This is the latest thing that the mind of Sean Payton has come up with... Putting the Seattle Seahawks logo on the Saints practice field in Metairie La. Lets hope this works.WHO DAT!

Coach wanted it to look and feel like the real thing . According to NFL.com they already changed Gatorade flavors, ordered new sweatsuits and added hip-hop music to football drills. I wounder what tracks they are playing. You know one of the tracks has to be Ying Yang Twins - Halftime. That's a given. One thing they didn't have to do is bring in the cold. Its been in the 20's all week in New Orleans. Great way to motivate them. GO SAINTS!! WHO DAT!!