An article claiming that Coca-Cola recalled 2 million bottles with the name 'Michael' on them because there is dirt in them is fake.

The story was published on a satirical site——known for posting faux articles that look authentic to the average internet user. As a matter of fact, they even tell people not to take them seriously on their website.

In the Empire article (that has now gone viral) it was reported that Coke was recalling all the bottles from their #ShareACoke campaign that had "Share A Coke With Michael" on the label, claiming that a disgruntled worker managed to compromise the recipe by adding dirt to the formula.

The timing of Coke's #ShareACoke campaign featuring popular names on their bottles makes the story even more believable.

The truth is, it's a hoax—and to prove it, I decided to drink one for myself.

Check out the video above, share it anywhere you see people posting the fake story, and don't believe everything you see on the internet!

Now, get out there and #ShareACoke with someone named Michael!