A college baseball umpire is currently catching some flack on social media after he seemingly interrupted a special moment for one player. Video shows the umpire pushing the hitter in the back to encourage him to move faster just after the player had hit a home run.


With NCAA baseball regionals happening around the country, teams are playing for a chance to reach a Super Regional - the final step before going to the College Baseball World Series in Omaha, Nebraska. Needless to say, it is win-or-go-home for a lot of these players who have dreamt their entire lives of playing on such a stage.

Out at the Greenville regional tournament, Eastern Carolina was working to put-away Coastal Carolina when one of their players hit a three-run homer that extended the team's lead to eleven runs. Of course, this was an exciting moment for the hitter who knew the ball was gone the second it left his bat.

Check out the epic homer via @11point7 on Twitter below.


But what many of the fans in the stadium may have missed was what happened at home-plate just after the baseball went over the fence.

Twitter via @11point7
Twitter via @11point7

The umpire of the game was seemingly not as excited as the player, as after the ball was hit he quickly went to the hitter's back to usher him down the first base line.

Video of College Baseball Umpire Pushing Hitter Down First-Base Line


See the moment in slow-motion with a focus on the umpire's move here.

Social media has had no shortage of reactions to the clip, some of which you can find below.

One Twitter user made a point about the umpire possibly being cautious towards the possibility of the situation escalating with the losing team certainly growing frustrated over the deficit.

While this certainly seems like it could be the case, the overwhelming response to the umpire's move has been the same.

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