The head coach of the Indianapolis Colts delivered an emotional speech to his team Sunday after their victory over the Miami Dolphins. Coach Chuck Pagano is currently away from the team while he goes through treatment to battle a treatable form of leukemia.

Coach Pagano surprised his team when he walked into their locker room Sunday afternoon and told them that they were all on their way to being champions. In his post-game speech, Pagano acknowledged his condition, but promised to return next year and hoist up the "Lombardi Trophy" with his team one day. The coach also said that he has unfinished business in his personal life and said that he still has two weddings to dance at with his daughters.

When I saw this video yesterday it brought tears to my eyes. To see a man climb such a high mountain and conquer it all for his family and for his team is special. If anyone ever questions the importance of team sports, show this THIS VIDEO!! Sometimes it sports that helps motivates those that me down and out in life.