There is something about the heat this summer that has us sweating more than usual, I know you can relate. Louisiana summers are always hot but we can't help but think we are breaking records with these daily heat indexes.

A hilarious video was shared by Jerry Law Too Raw on social media of an interview he did at Essence Fest in New Orleans and it was too good not to share especially with it being as hot as it is outside.

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Jerry Law Too Raw

The news anchor on FOX 8 introduces the video by saying that "the heat is on" with temperatures sticking around 97 degrees for most of the day. She continues by saying that thousands of people who have come in, especially for the festival are doing their best to find ways to cool off while still partaking in the fun at Essence.

The news segment then cuts to a man being interviewed in New Orleans at Essence. He is asked about the heat and then goes on to say a series of hilarious remarks in regard to just how hot it really is out there.

It was so hot out here that the devil passed me a towel

Jerry Law is a comedian from Oakland, California and he was one of the many thousands that traveled to New Orleans for the festival. He goes on to share a hilarious list of crazy things he saw over the weekend out in the brutal Louisiana heat.

Im talkin about lace fronts were lifted, Im talking about eyelashes all up and down Burbon Street

Mr. Law then goes on to share a visual we can not get out of our heads now that he has painted the hilarious picture for us

Im telling you, there were wigs on Burbon Street

Safe to say Jerry Law had us actually laughing out loud with his witty response.

Watch the interview below:



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