Freestyle rap is difficult.

The ability to think on your toes and come up with a clever rhyme isn't a talent possessed by the masses.

What if it's a comedian doing a freestyle rap about satire?

Honestly, to pull it off and be funny seems like a difficult thing to do as well.

The Dallas City Council got more than they bargained for when an LSU alum got on an open mic to share his "thoughts" about vaccinations.

Alex Stein is not a doctor or a nurse, but he dressed like a medical professional when he stepped up to the microphone, performing a satirical rap that has the internet abuzz.

With lyrics such as "Vaccinate you while I wear my thong", and “I want to vaccinate your mom/I want to stick it deep in your arm … Dr. Fauci give me that ouchie/I want it in my body", it didn't take long for me to realize Stein was joking.

However, some in the political world took his rap seriously, tweeting about Stein's video, which Stein promptly retweeted.

Regardless of where you stand on vaccines, it's okay to laugh at Stein's hysterical rap, especially when he squirts sanitizer into his hair.

Stein talked to, saying his favorite part of the stunt is the fact some believe he's serious. He also claims to be a conspiracy theorist and doesn't lean one way or the other politically.

He also says he had to perform acapella after his phone wouldn't play the musical beat he planned to "rap" with.

According to his social media platforms and an article on, he is a Dallas resident who graduated from LSU, saying, "I graduated in 2010 from LSU in Baton Rouge where I studied Vodka and Cajun Food. I got a General Studies degree like a pimp."

He worked as a producer on the reality show Cheaters, and appeared on reality shows such as Sweet Home Alabama, Excused, and Worst Cooks in America.

Stein's viral rap isn't the first time he's infiltrated a public meeting with a prank.


Are you amused by his pranks, or do you believe he's wasting time that's supposed to be open for serious issues?

I'm not a Dallas resident, but I'd be lying if I said I haven't been laughing when I hear "Vaccinate me in my thong, vaccinate me right or wrong".

If this song is stuck in your head all day, I'd like to say both "I'm sorry", and "you're welcome".

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