There was a group of teenagers who needed a little help making sure they would get to go to prom. The community of Washington, North Carolina rallied around the special-needs teenagers to make it possible for them to attend the prom.

One of the parents of the teenagers posted on Facebook about what it might take to help the teens go to prom, the community took off with the idea, and swiftly donations continued to come in according to FOX8.

The teenagers were able to have dinner at Washington Yacht and Country Club. They were able to walk the red carpet to a limousine. Community members also chipped in for the young ladies who need dresses and for young gentlemen who needed tuxes.

The people in Washington, N.C. sound like our kind of people. After the post on Facebook asking for help in getting the kids ready to participate, parental chaperones volunteered their time as well.

Organizers say the teenagers spent the entire night at the prom mostly on the dance floor.

Washington High School special needs teacher Serena Current says,

People don't realize how important things like this are for them because they don't always get the same opportunity as all their peers. It's incredible that they get the same opportunity as their peers that are at the high school with them.

Parents said they too were so excited about the event. Everyone had a great time. The parents said the kids were excited to dance the night away. They were looking forward to Cardi B and Beyonce. Chaperones say the kids got to enjoy those tunes and many more.

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