Community members are reacting to videos that show a large number of motorcyclists riding through the city of New Orleans. Videos show some riders speeding and driving though red lights immediately in front of New Orleans Police Department units.


The sun was shining across Louisiana over the weekend and some motorcyclists in New Orleans took the opportunity to go out for a ride. Some locals have captured the motorcyclists on video as they ride through the streets.


There has been a reaction of concern from some community members who have observed reckless driving by these motorcyclists.

Motorcyclists Ride Through New Orleans, Speeding Through Red Lights

See the video shared by New Orleans TV and Radio host @KaareJohnson on Twitter below.

Johnson points out that police are not reacting to the group of motorcyclists riding through the city. Check out a continued clip below that shows a second New Orleans Police unit being passed by the group of motorcyclists.

Check out more activity from the group of motorcyclists here.

According to WDSU, the New Orleans Police Department has issued the below statement in regards to the videos.

The NOPD takes reckless vehicle operation and stunts of this nature very seriously. Such actions can put the public at great risk, from the operators to these vehicles – which are often times not street legal, as in this case involving quad ATVs – to other drivers, pedestrians and onlookers.


When considering the options officers have in the field and taking into account the department's pursuit policy, officers weigh each of those options in determining to pursue versus not pursing. Often times, as in this instance, this decision may need to be made in a matter of seconds. It is also sometimes practical to develop a strategic plan to identify the operators of these vehicles and make arrests in the safest possible manner. This can include relaying information to ranking officers and delaying apprehension until it can be made in the safety way possible.


We always urge anyone with any information that can lead to the arrest of subjects engaging in this reckless and dangerous behavior to call NOPD.

One more clip via @KaareJohnson here.

There has been an array of reactions from many on Twitter which you can see below.

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