After debunking accusations that Blue Ivy was named after the spawn of Satan, other allegations against the newborn are being dismissed as well. The Health Department has cleared Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City of two complaints that claimed Beyonce and Jay-Z‘s security hindered other parents from seeing and caring for their own babies.

The New York Daily News reports that the health department received and reviewed two formal complaints against Lenox Hill, both for mistreatment of patients during Bey’s hospital stay. State Health Department spokesman Jeffrey Gordon announced that both complaints were reviewed and dismissed. While Gordon was mum on further details, a source told the news that both complaints were far from credible. In fact, one complaint was from someone who wasn’t even in the hospital at the time — he was filing a complaint over what he read in the newspaper!

The state’s findings corroborate Lenox Hill’s own internal investigation issued by the hospital’s executive director, Frank Danza. Danza claimed that while certain extra security measures were taken to ensure the Carters’ privacy (including covering security cameras with tape and bringing in extra guards), he hasn’t heard any complaints about the situation. Danza spoke with about half of the new parents present over the weekend, claiming none of them said they were prevented from seeing their babies. “They did communicate that they noticed some enhanced security, but they never felt restricted,” Danza said.

The dismissal comes on the heels of Lenox Hill’s denial that Hov and Bey paid $1.3 million for their custom-built suite. However, the hospital still has a potential lawsuit brewing against them. Mothers in a breastfeeding class threatened to sue Lenox Hill, claiming that Blue Ivy’s security team was rude and that hospital staff neglected them during the frenzy surrounding the famous babe’s birth.

On the bright side, at least baby Blue is away from the drama. Beyonce and Jay took their hip-hop princess home on Tuesday (Jan. 10), where she’s likely dreaming of anything but cameras.

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