Is Conor McGregor finally getting back in the octagon?

McGregor has been sidelined since his last UFC fight with Khabib Nurmagomedov back in October 2018. He's had his fair share of legal troubles, like allegedly (with video) punching a seemingly older man at a bar in Ireland.

Aside from getting in trouble, he's been trying to get back into the octagon for a UFC fight. I think Dana White would want this, as McGregor, is still a huge draw for the company.

There was rumor that he and Dustin Poirier would have a rematch. Now, it seems that former Lightweight Champion and current featherweight contender Frankie Edgar is McGregor's next target.

The UFC Twitter account posted a "Happy Birthday" message to Frankie Edgar (10/16), and McGregor responded.

What could this mean? Have the two fighters been talking about this already? According to Edgar's reply, obviously so.

And, as an act of good faith, McGregor wants to give his part of the money to charity.

Dana White has yet to respond to the Twitter back-and-forth between Conor McGregor and Frankie Edgar. Would you like to see this fight go ahead on a December card?

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