Lawmakers are taking a look at the impacts of getting rid of daylight saving time in the state.

The argument that Louisiana lawmakers have is that daylight saving time effects health both mentally and physically, as well as lowers productivity and increases wrecks. They are interested in having a task force look at the impact of getting rid of it here in Louisiana.

Counselor and owner of Aimwell Recovery Center, LLC, Thomas Estis says that the uptick in people coming into his office looking for peace of mind around daylight saving time is common.

"One start losing sleep--then, think about it. Anxiety raises," Estis said.

If it all comes to pass, Louisiana would either fall back an hour, which would mean it gets dark earlier, or stay on our current time, which puts the sun going down a little later in the day.

Personally, if we're going to do away with daylight saving time, I'd like to see us stay on our current time.

Many people also think that daylight saving time was created to help farmers. However, according to, farmers have always been against it, as the sun, not the clock is what they followed. Daylight saving time is actually disruptive to them.

The proposal to get rid of daylight saving time in Louisiana has already passed committee, and will head to the house floor.

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