Vice President Joe Biden and President Donald Trump are set to go head-to-head in their first presidential debate.

Both candidates are pretty unpredictable in a live-TV setting which makes this feel like more of a headline event than boring political pageantry. I've seen a handful of memes that even described drinking games based on what each presidential candidate is expected to say. It sparked my curiosity to see if there were any actual prop bets out there for tonight's debate which led me to this post from The Sports Geek.

They did the digging and uncovered a nice crop of presidential debate prop bets and creative political betting lines that cover the big September 29 debate on Fox News moderated by Chris Wallace.


The prop bets deal with common words and phrases that we would all expect to hear from these two presidential candidates.

For instance, the odds on Trump saying Qanon may not be as high as some people would think, being that the president has "metaphorically winked at the conspiracy’s followers here and there but has never endorsed their claims."

The Sports Geek

Another big question is will Donald Trump refer to Biden as "Sleepy Joe?" It seems like he reserves those nicknames and insults for environments where he can get a crowd reaction, but he may slip it in there once or twice.

The Sports Geek

Biden has also reserved most of his name-calling for audiences which makes me wonder if he will call Trump a racist to his face. The odds are more likely that he will allude to things that Trump has done that are racist as opposed to calling him one to his face.

The Sports Geek

Many experts have suggested that Biden will have to call Trump out for lying in order to have a chance to win the election, and while it isn't nearly as confrontational as calling him a racist, Biden may have to defend his record as a senator. The odds still show Biden more than likely calling Trump a liar.

The Sports Geek

There are so many other interesting odds and you can dig into all of them here.

Regardless of your political stance, it's important to find out as much as you can about each candidate, and even if you've already made up your mind on who you're voting for it's even more important to get out and vote.

Check out all the prop bets here and enjoy the presidential debate!

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