We've heard of crazy ex-girlfriends, but this woman took things to a whole new level when she tried running over her ex after trashing his car!

To be fair, we have no clue what provoked this woman, nor do we know her relation to the man shooting this video other than him referring to her as his ex-girlfriend. What we do know is she totally vandalized his vehicle, broke a window on his house and tried running him over.

(She attempts to run him over just past the 3:20 mark.)

The YouTube description shines a little more light on the situation:

Crazy Boston girl goes HAM after being curved for being disrespectful to her man!!! Young Wild, CEO of RaresNoSquares Lifestyle Brand, is inches away from being fatally flattened by crazy girl and her ML320 Mercedes-Benz!!! Is she cooked or nah???

Based on what we hear in the video the couple has had a violent past, and whatever led to this needs to be squashed soon before someone gets hurt, or worse. Hopefully the authorities were notified and everything that happened was reported—including the attempted vehicular manslaughter.

All joking aside, domestic violence is no joke and this is a prime example of what a toxic relationship can lead to.

This time, he lived to tell the tale. Next time, he may not be so lucky.

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