This is why it's so dangerous to have road rage.

You truly never know who is in the car you are fighting with. Take a minute and calm down because it's not worth your life. If we've learned anything from the death of former Saints player Will Smith it's that you never know if the other person you are fighting with has a gun or what they're capable of doing.

The guy in the BMW cut-off one of the bike riders. The bike rider got upset and chased down the BMW and punched out his side mirror.

When they got to the red light the guy in the BMW stepped out of his car and confronted the bikers. This was a bad move. The bikers then jumped the man and then the BMW driver's wife got involved.

She jumped out of the car and pulled out a gun! She then pointed the gun at the bikers. They quickly jumped on their bikes and rode off.

This could've been even worse if she had shot one of them.

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