If you HATE working out, but LOVE to dance here's something you should check out.

Dan Baldwin is a personal trainer in New Jersey who has made his impact on the industry with clever workouts that combine fitness and fun. His latest viral video involves planking and the Cupid Shuffle.

The concept is simple: Do the Cupid Shuffle—but while you're in a planking stance.

The result is a challenge that is fun but also a solid workout that will have you busting a sweat. People all over the world have jumped in on the challenge and #TheCupidShufflePlank has officially gone viral.

Cupid, the Lafayette-based artist behind the 2007 smash hit and subsequent line dance, quickly caught wind of the challenge as he noticed sales began to soar. At one point over the weekend, Cupid found himself among the ranks of Bruno Mars and Prince on the iTunes charts.

Not bad company at all.

cupid shuffle sales

Dan Baldwin couldn't have picked a better song for his challenge because once Cupid caught wind of the Cupid Shuffle Plank he reached out to the Jersey trainer and even posted his own video offering cash for those who could do the plank for the entire song.

This challenge also came at a perfect time being that Cupid—an advocate for health and fitness—is preparing to release Curobiks 2 later this year.

It's amazing that I can show the connection between my music and fitness as we get ready to launch Curobiks 2. When I make my music, I never know what dance moves will be created for it, but the Cupid Shuffle still has so much relevance in today's society it just makes sense for the song to continue growing and living on.

Somebody alert Ellen!

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