One of the regular characters on the morning show with Chris Reed On-Air is the custodian for all seven radio stations here at Townsquare Media, "Big-D." He will often put the mop or vacuum down for a few minutes and join the show LIVE!! Yes, our custodian just walks into the studio and hops on the mic...We're that professional!!! However, hear what he had to say about our night jock, Brad Striker, and what his plans are for Cinco De Mayo."Big-D" first joined the show this morning to discuss a stench in the building. The conversation went from him craving crawfish to blaming our night guy for the smell in the halls. In the words of our custodian, Brad Striker has the "BUBBLE GUT" and that was the reason the halls stunk so bad. "Big-D" claims that he did his job and cleaned, but the stench told a different story.



THEN, "Big-D" decided to join the show for a second time this morning and it was totally unannounced. This time we addressed the rumor that he was working at Coyote Blues this Saturday for Cinco De Mayo. He claimed that he would be serving drinks and chips to all. However, listen to what type chips he said he'll have for the festivities. WOW!!!!!

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