This super dangerous stunt, pulled of by a soon to be famous Czech girl, has to be the wildest beer ear drinking video Ive ever seen. Is it real? It appears to be, but nothing confirmed yet.  So Czech out the video and tell us. Get It? LOL!  Huffington Post reports:

Technically, there is a connection between the ear and the throat -- this is called the eustachian tube. According to Johns Hopkins Medical website, the tube is a narrow, mucous-lined canal that helps "equalize the pressure between the outer ear and the middle ear.In order for this beer video to be possible, the woman in the video would have to have a hole in her ear drum. However, the expert added, attempting a similar stunt could lead to infection .

So there you go, DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. Unless you want to be deaf and have green puss oozing out of your ears. Not cool unless your a gremlin, or some kind of sea creature.

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