DaBaby's domestic feud with his ex-girlfriend DaniLeigh was reignited in the form of a violent altercation with her brother in Los Angeles.

Early Thursday morning (Feb 10), DaBaby was at the center of a fight with DaniLeigh's older sibling, Brandon Curiel (rap name Brandon Bills) in the middle of a Los Angeles bowling alley.

The footage only shows the fight after it was already in progress but it's clear to see both DaBaby and Bills are involved.

At one point, someone in DaBaby's entourage grabs Bills by the hair. The crowd surrounding the fight can be heard audibly gasping as a shirtless Bills is pummeled by DaBaby and his crew.

DaBaby, who shares a child with DaniLeigh, is seen landing multiple punches as everyone slips and slides around the bowling lanes.

The fight continues as a bloodied and beaten Bills follows DaBaby through a crowd before the footage cuts off again.

Both Danileigh and Bills hopped on IG to address the altercation. Bills claimed that he is the one who approached DaBaby to "talk like men" before the fight broke out.

Danileigh called her baby's father "Lame as hell" as she commented on the fight criticizing the fact that a group of the men took on Bills while he was alone. She also expressed hope for this back and forth to stop citing that she had "a daughter to raise"—speaking on the child that she shares with the North Carolina rapper.

DaBaby and Danileigh feuded publicly late last year when their on-again, off-again status came to a spiraling end via Instagram live while their 3-month-old infant daughter was present. Bills defended his sister at the time, challenging DaBaby to a fight on Instagram live. At the time, DaBaby responded by sharing a hugging emoji in the comment section of Bills' live video.

Since that spat, DaniLeigh has left DaBaby's home with their daughter and things have seemingly been calm between the two.

This is far from the first time DaBaby has been involved in an altercation as he has had several run-ins, one from Aprl 2021 that left a rapper by the name of Don Trag in a coma.

We will keep you updated on any developments stemming from the altercation.

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