so this generation is in trouble ???? Wow I'm so glad they didn't have Instagram when I was young LOL!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Mike Magnetti on Saturday, October 31, 2015

I'm not sure if we have made progress or we're going backwards.

After watching this Facebook video I really don't know.

Mike Magnetti posted a video to Facebook of him making a wake up call at a hotel. After he makes it, he looks over at his daughter and asks her to hang up the phone.

She was totally clueless on how to hang it up. She just looks at her dad and says "what do I do?" with the most confused look on her face.

Her dad says "hang it up" She then yells out for her mom to help. WOW!

But to take up for the little girl, we don't have land line phones in our house anymore. She's probably never seen a phone like that in her life...obviously.

Still, makes for a great video.