The first Daddy’s Home pitted Will Ferrell’s step-dad against Mark Wahlberg’s cool dad. After a tense rivalry and a school dance-off, the two dads put their difference behind them to become best buds. But not all dads get along, as Daddy’s Home 2 is here to remind us, especially when it comes to granddads.

Daddy’s Home 2 ups the stakes of the 2015 movie by introducing Dusty (Wahlberg) and Brad’s (Ferrell) dads into the mix while turning the sequel into a holiday movie, because what’s Christmas without same family chaos? Mel Gibson is Dusty’s icy, leather jacket-wearing pops and John Lithgow is Brad’s holiday sweater wearing father. While Brad and Dusty have perfected the art of being “co-dads” and plan to spend Christmas with the whole family, the granddads arrive to cause some problems.

But even if the grandparent gimmick (which won’t be in short supply this season thanks to the bad grandmoms of Bad Moms Christmasisn’t enough to secure your interest, the sequel promises more Ferrell antics. He gives his son crappy advice about a girl, fails to properly throw a snowball, then electrocutes himself (again). The newest trailer, which debuted on The Ellen Show, also teases he return of John Cena‘s ultra cool dad and Linda Cardellini.

Daddy’s Home 2 hits theaters on November 10.

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