Daft Punk has been pushing the envelope since they released their first album 'Homework' in 1997. Knowing this, it seems like a natural progression for the duo to harness new technology, especially in regards to the promotion of their upcoming album 'Random Access Memories.'

Details about the much-anticipated album have been trickling out and Daft Punk have taken to using Twitter's video app, Vine, to reveal the tracklisting for their upcoming LP. 'Random Access Memories,' is boasting some high-profile collaborations with Pharrell Williams appearing on 'Love Yourself to Dance,' and 'Get Lucky.' The guys also worked heavily with disco pioneer Nile Rodgers -- so many that gives some indication of what their new tunes will sound like.

Recently, Daft Punk had an in-depth interview with Rolling Stone where they not only criticized the state of EDM music (they helped create the genre after all), but they also confirmed that they are working with Kanye West on Yeezy's next album. We except to hear lots from Daft Punk in the coming year!

'Random Access Memories' Track Listing

1. 'Give Life Back to Music' Feat. Nile Rodgers
2. 'The Game of Love'
3. 'Giorgio by Moroder' Feat. Giorgio Moroder
4. 'Within' Feat. Chilly Gonzales
5. 'Instant Crush' Feat. Julian Casablancas
6. 'Lose Yourself to Dance' Feat. Pharrell Williams and Nile Rodgers
7. 'Touch' Feat. Paul Williams
8. 'Get Lucky' Feat. Pharrell Williams and Nile Rodgers
9. 'Beyond'
10. 'Motherhood'
11. 'Fragments of Time' Feat. Todd Edwards
12. 'Doin’ It Right Feat. Panda Bear
13. 'Contact' Feat. DJ Falcon

Watch the 'Random Access Memories' Track Listing Vine

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