The Daily Advertiser is reporting that a representative for the fast food chain Dairy Queen says that they are in negotiations to bring a Dairy Queen restaurant to the city of Lafayette!!

The report indicates that the corporation is working with city and state officials trying to finalize everything. Another local site, Developing Lafayette, says that the proposed location would be on Johnston St. across from Tampicos, near Furniture Gallery.

If you recall, a few months back we asked what Lafayette needs, and the majority of you replied to our question with "a Dairy Queen." Well now that wish may soon come true, and those in Lafayette may soon no longer have to travel down I-10 to Rayne to get their favorite meal or treat. I am on the record when I predict that the line to get into a Lafayette Dairy Queen location will rival that of another popular drive thru line in the city.

Let's all cross our fingers that the negotiations go well, and quickly, so that we here in Lafayette can get what we have been waiting for.

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