Lafayette's own Daniel Cormier is the former light-heavyweight and heavyweight champion.

Before UFC 241 on August 17th of this year, Daniel Cormier was undefeated in the heavyweight division. He lost the heavyweight belt to Stipe Miocic after their second fight. Now, he wants to make it a trilogy, and be done with fighting for good.

Daniel Cormier sat down and talked to Ariel Helwani of ESPN, and said that he wants another shot at Stipe and that no one else matters. After that fight, he will retire.

He also told Helwani that had he beaten Stipe at UFC 241, he probably would have retired then, but he doesn't want that loss to be his last fight.

So, if both parties, as well as the UFC (which he says wants to make it happen) are on board, when will the fight happen?

They both have a win over one another, who do you think wins the trilogy if/when it happens?


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