Lafayette's own Daniel Cormier, who lost his fight with Jon Jones for the Light Heavyweight title, isn't sure how to feel after hearing the news of Jones failing yet another drug test.

Jones won the bout by knockout after landing a kick to the head of Cormier. Now, let's rewind a bit. Jon Jones beat Daniel Cormier in their initial meeting as Jones defended his then title.

He was later stripped of the title, and suspended from the UFC after testing positive for cocaine.

Daniel Cormier won the Light Heavyweight title after it was left vacant in May of 2015. Fast forward to the summer of 2016, when Jones v Cormier 2 was scheduled to happen. Days before the bout, the fight was put on hold due to Jones testing positive for performance enhancing drugs (PED).

Jones claimed that the positive test was from a sexual enhancement pill that he had taken.

Finally, we got the rematch everyone had been waiting for on July 29th.

This was Jones' Instagram post before bout 2:

Now, almost a month later, we learned that Jon Jones failed a drug test from that fight. Jones does have a chance to get another sample that he gave tested, as well as appeal.

Here's what DC had to say about everything thus far:

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