The child of a boxing champion has recently gone viral after impressing the world with her speed. Video shows the young girl beginning a track race, only to lose her shoe and valuable time. That is when the she kicked it into another gear and came all the way back to win the race outright.

Twitter via @AccordingBoxing
Twitter via @AccordingBoxing

While Terence Crawford makes his living inside of the boxing ring, his daughter may end up running away with his genetics to make a name for herself on the track. The young girl has recently gone viral after a 200 meter race featured one of the most epic comebacks to ever happen in youth sports.

After completely running out of her shoe to start the race, the young girl laced back up and began sprinting. By the time she went to make her final turn, she was already on the heels of the other runners.


When she hit the straightaway, she saw her window open up and found another gear. This is when the young athlete completely surpassed the other runners.


She cruised across the finish line with a comfortable lead, placing 1st in the 200 meter race.

Young Girl Runs Out of Shoe During Track Race, Goes on to Win the Event

See the video for yourself via @AccordingBoxing on Twitter here.

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