Dave Chappelle practically quit show-business over the endless association with his viral Chappelle’s Show characters, to the point few presumed we’d ever see them again. Well, it seems we owe The Walking Dead’s frustrating cliffhanger a debt of gratitude, as Chappelle took his SNL hosting as a chance to revive a number of Chappelle’s Show favorites … at least to kill one off.

Keep in mind a few Walking Dead spoilers from here on out (Chappelle somewhat brazenly spoiled Negan’s victim in a prelude to the sketch), but no less than six fan-favorite Chappelle’s Show characters made a return in the Walking Dead-themed sketch. Not only did Chappelle take the role of the bat-wielding baddie himself, but we also saw Silky Johnston (flanked by Donnell Rawlings’ “Beautiful”), Tyrone Biggums, Chuck Taylor, Lil Jon and African-American KKK member Clayton Bigsby.

As you can imagine, at least someone had to get the bat, but let’s just say the blunt decapitation ended on a much more hopeful, uniting note than expected.

You can watch the full sketch for yourself above, and check out the moving Kate McKinnon cold open while we wait for more.

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