Magician David Blaine made Disney and Pixar's Up! come to life during an incredible flight stunt.

The 47-year-old magician held a live stream on Wednesday (September 2) to promote his latest stunt, "Ascension," during which he literally floated 24,000 feet above Page, Arizona using only balloons. Blaine called the experience his "most ambitious and revolutionary feat yet."

But how did he pull this stunt off, exactly?

Blaine, who had to become a licensed hot-air balloon pilot for his latest stunt, was attached to 52 giant helium balloons, with one balloon considered an experimental aircraft.

At certain points during his flight, he dropped five-pound weights to ascend even higher. Throughout the flight, he climbed roughly 500 feet a minute. Blaine had an oxygen mask on hand the entire flight and had cameras surrounding his body, creating a near-360 degree view.

"This thing feels insane," he said during the live stream. "Normally I feel like I have control... This, I have no control over anything."

His 9-year-old daughter Dessa spoke to him throughout his flight, she also made sure that he included a pink balloon for her in his bunch.

Mid-flight, Blaine attached a parachute to his back and released the balloons. He used a special breathing technique to survive the free fall. He landed safely, not far from his intended landing spot.

The stunt was originally scheduled to take place in his hometown of New York City earlier this week but had to be rescheduled due to unfavorable winds and weather conditions.

Watch the live stream, below.

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