OK, we're finding this a bit hard to believe, but super huge EDM star David Guetta was supposedly forced to run off stage in embarrassment when he accidentally played the wrong song. Now that doesn't sound like a big deal because were all human, we make mistakes; but if this is true, then Guetta's gaffe pretty much exposed that he plays pre-recorded sets being that he had no clue how to right the mess he got himself into once he pressed play on the incorrect track.

According to Wunderground, Guetta's fans were baffled when a personal self-help CD that had been prescribed to Guetta for his chorophobia (the fear of dancing) started to play instead of his usually poppy dance anthems.

Yes, you read that right, a DJ that has a fear of watching people dance. WTH????

The Wunderland article went on to say that Guetta even addressed his fans via Twitter about the incident:

“To all my fans, I’m sorry that you had to find out that I have been pre-recording sets and not playing live.” 

“Please understand that this is not due to lack of talent or laziness but because of this crippling phobia, for which I am seeking professional help, as was heard when I accidentally hit play on my coping CD.” 

Now, we love a good fake story every now and again, and when we checked Guetta's Twitter feed and couldn't find the aforementioned entry, it did make us a little suspicious, but you never know. He wouldn't be the first DJ busted for playing pre-recorded sets, and he definitely won't be the last. Either way, it's pretty damn funny.

For the full story go to Wunderground.

UPDATE: Guetta addressed the issue, and as expected the story was fake. According to the EDM-pop producer these types of stories always "mysteriously" surface around the time the DJ Mag Top 100 voting takes place. Rave on.

UPDATE: Guetta may be pursuing legal action against the Wunderland website.