Its a story you thought could only come from Hollywood...A pet hamster dies, dad buries the family pet, and the pet comes back to life. However, this is NO Hollywood story here. TheSun had a story about a four-year-old hamster that apparently died and was buried, then rose from the dead. The story goes, the pet hamster was found it's cage cold and stiff one day, and like any pet, was laid to rest. Dave Eyley, the father of the family that buried the hamster, says he dug a 2-foot deep grave for the hamster and placed the pet in it's resting place.



The story takes a turn when a neighbor of the Eyley's found the hamster scampering around the garden the next day.

When the neighbor contacted Mr. Eyley, he said it was impossible for the hamster to be around their garden because he had buried it a day ago. Mr Eyley said: “He had rigor mortis when I buried him — and now he’s running about.”

When he rushed to the "grave site" of the little fellow Mr. Eyley said that he found a 2-inch wide hole where the pet dug his way out.

The hamster was formerly known as "Rhino," but has since been renamed "Jesus." The reason the family elected to rename the family pet is because it rose from it's own grave on Easter Sunday. We'll let you make your own conclusion from here.

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