Fishing is a way of life here in Louisiana. Most of us are born into it. The outdoors are in our blood in Louisiana. For a lot of women, fishing is as common as putting on makeup or shopping at the latest sales. In Louisiana, it's just part of something we all do, both males and females seem to enjoy their time wetting a line.

Now if your family heritage did not include the knowledge of how to slip a worm on a hook or rewrap a gilflirted Zebco 33 then the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries has something special planned for you. Oh, you also will need to be a female woman lady girl to be a part of this as well.

LDWF and the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Foundation is hosting a series of workshops designed to enhance and educated women in the sport and art of fishing. The workshops are called Women's Fishing 101 and they are open to any woman aged 18 or older.

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There are two events planned. One is set for August 28th and the other is planned for September 11. Both events will be held at the LDWF Waddill Wildlife Refuge in Baton Rouge. Workshop sizes are limited to 15 at a time so registration is important. In fact, if you don't pre-register you might not even be considered for an invitation. By the way, you can register for the workshops online right here.

The workshops will cover a variety of topics concerning the sport of fishing. LDWF Biologists and agents will teach fish identification and the best practices for handling fishing equipment too.

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You will also learn basic fishing and casting skills as well as what to do with your catch once you've landed it onshore. There will be tips for cleaning, cooking, and storage, of fish too. So. you're going to know everything you'll need to know to get your catch out of the water, cleaned and seasoned, cooked and eaten.

Now one of the highlights of the workshops is that some of the ladies from each group will be chosen to apply their newly acquired skills out in wild as part of an overnight fishing excursion. That excursion will be conducted under the supervision of LDWF personnel and volunteers.

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By the way, you might want to get your fishing license too. You can get that online at the LDWF site by clicking right here.  And just in case they aren't biting, you can always sink your teeth into one of these.

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