Would you want to watch a New Orleans Saints game from a field level suite?

Beginning next football season, the Mercedes-Benz Superdome will open up a dozen new field-level suites.

Other teams have used field-level suites, including the Minnesota Vikings, Dallas Cowboys, Carolina Panthers, and several others.

It's as close as you can get to the action.

Fletcher Mackel of WDSU-TV in New Orleans shared computer-animated depictions of what the suites will look like.

Aspects of a seat in a field-level suite are appealing, especially when the Saints score a touchdown right next to you, but I would prefer a spot a little higher.

If you're in an end-zone suite, how will you see any action when the team is punching in a score in the opposite end zone?

I'm guessing fans will spend more time zoned in on a TV monitor in a field-level suite as opposed to the game right in front of them.

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