Cat fights are certainly nothing new in the world of pop music, but taking a stab at a fellow star for something juvenile will never earn you points. Dev learned that the hard way when she seemingly took a shot at Kesha‘s new haircut via Twitter, which resulted in hateful replies and plenty of unfollows.

“Homegirl is all late lol. That was cool a year ago friend,” Dev tweeted on Tuesday, the same day that ‘Tik Tok’ songstress Kesha shared a photo of her new side-shaved haircut with her fans, also on Twitter.

Dev’s followers must be pretty savvy, because they seemed to figure out that she was referring to Kesha’s new ‘do within just a few hours. After the initial tweet had time to sink in and sting a little, Dev returned to hundreds of angry tweets on her Twitter page, and quickly denied that she was speaking of her fellow pop music female. “I never said said no ones name, yall assume too much. Tsk-tsk,” she tweeted the following day.

Unfortunately, her timing was a bit too coincidental — as are her own past hairstyles. In the photo of Dev above, shot in June 2011, the ‘In the Dark’ singer rocks a similarly shaved cut, which may have made some music fans feel as if she was just taking a stab at Kesha for copying her style.

Our two cents? Kesha’s half-long, half-gone hairdo suits her perfectly, played out or not.