In a tweet sent out by the Irishman late last night, he "announced" that he was retiring from Mixed Martial Arts.

Conor McGregor has been the biggest name in the UFC for the last few years. His smack talk became something of legend, as did his skill in the octagon.

His presence surpassed just MMA or the UFC, falling into pop culture. His boxing match with Floyd Mayweather broke Pay-Per-View records.

He's had some out of the ring troubles as of late, having been arrested after the "bus incident" with Khabib Nurmagomedov, as well as obtaining another arrest for slamming a persons phone on the ground that was trying to take a picture of/with him.

That being said, this is the tweet that he sent out announcing his "retirement".

The reason "retirement" is in quotes is because...quite frankly, you never know with him. This could be some kind of joke, a marketing tactic, or maybe he's trying to get more money out of the UFC.

Do you think he's really retiring from the sport?

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