Is it possible that one of the biggest songs of the summer was stolen from a Korean YouTube star? It looks like Daft Punk's mega-smash 'Get Lucky' may have been inspired by a track called 'Robot Dance' (ironic, right?) uploaded back in 2011 by star YouTube guitarist Zack Kim.

Recently, the track has been drawing heavy comparison to the 'Random Access Memories' hit single, and after listening, the similarities are almost scary. But it's Daft Punk, right? There is no way they could or would ever steal from someone, right?


Daft Punk has always been inspired by other great work and sampling has always been a part of their songwriting success. If indeed Daft Punk did "borrow" from Zack Kim's 2011 YouTube song he may be in for a pretty hefty payday being that 'Get Lucky' has streamed and sold millions since it began it's musical reign over the summer of 2013.

Comparing the two, you really won't hear any similarities at first, but once Zack brings in the extra guitar licks you almost instantly recognize the Daft Punk hit. The fact that this was recorded two years prior to the release of 'Get Lucky' (according to the YouTube upload date) it may raise an eyebrow or two.

Do you think Daft Punk stole 'Get Lucky' from Zack Kim's 'Robot Dance?' Listen to both and tell us what you think in the comments below!

Zack Kim - Robot Dance

Daft Punk - Get Lucky (feat. Pharrell & Nile Rodgers)

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