New Orleans Saints wide receiver Michael Thomas has spurts where he's active on social media.

While Thomas is typically reserved when conducting an in-person media interview, he speaks much more loudly on Twitter.

He tweeted a few things during the NFC Championship game that led many to believe he was throwing shade at Saints quarterback Drew Brees.

Following a 50-yard touchdown pass by Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers to Marquez Valdes-Scantling, Thomas began sharing a few observations.

"If a DB know the QB can’t throw deep they going to play aggressive underneath with safety help over the top," tweeted Thomas.

Two minutes later, he added the following:

"Anyone can cover you if you running a shallow cross all day just play underneath they not throwing over your head."

Brees' arm strength has been criticized by the media and others the last few years, with pundits pointing out how the New Orleans offense has difficulty stretching the field.

While the arm strength criticism is accurate, Brees was still highly successful, helping the Saints win the NFC South the last four years.

Is Thomas calling out Brees in those tweets?

Who knows? But it would be hard to convince someone who believes he is that he isn't.

Even if he is being critical of his quarterback, Thomas played through a serious ankle injury in hopes he could win the Super Bowl before Brees calls it a career.

Thomas's 2020 season was his most difficult as a pro.

One year after setting the NFL single-season reception record (149) in 2019, he injured his ankle late in the Week 1 win over Tampa Bay.

When he was finally set to return from injury, he was suspended by the team for punching teammate Chauncey Gardner-Johnson in practice.

Thomas returned to the team just past the midway point of the season but was placed on Injured Reserve for the final month, as coach Sean Payton noted it was the only way to help his ankle heal up for the postseason.

Returning in the playoff game against the Chicago Bears, Thomas caught his first touchdown of the season.

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